Friday, March 31, 2017

Whole New World

Last night Nancy and I got back from a 7 day vacation in the Gatlinburg, Tennessee area to see a little bit of the Great Smoky Mountains. This morning, when I went in to feed and water the chickens, I about freaked out. The chickens grew so much I hardly recognize them from just last week! Right about... now, the chickens are 7.71429 weeks old, and they are taking up more space than ever! Hard to believe they all came in that dinky little box in the mail such a short time ago.

Speaking of space, so if each chicken needs about 4 square feet of personal space, and I have 28 chickens, that would mean I need, um... lets see. That would be 1/28 = 4/X, so divide, no, multiply 28... then see if, no wait... um, that means I need, um, uh, 112 square feet of chicken spaces. Well now, the coop is about 10 feet by 8 feet, so that would be, um... yes, 80 square feet of chicken spaces. Crap! That means I'm 32 chicken spaces short!

In light of this factuality, I decided to get a temporary pen up outside today so the chickens have the necessary spaces for personal boundary. The permanent fence is supposed to start tomorrow, but I haven't purchased the 5"x 8' posts yet. Well, three 3"x 7' posts and some extra chicken wire later, the temporary pen is up, and just in time. Like popcorn from the top of the popper, the chickens came popping out of the pop door. Standing briefly in the doorway, it's as though they were thinking, "Wow, this is like a whole new world!"

Monday, March 13, 2017

Five Weeks Pondering

Barred Rock hen at 5 weeks
I am at a loss for words today. I spent some time in the chicken coop before getting to work in the shop. The chickens are really growing up fast. Kind of weird actually. Good thing humans don't grow this fast. Chickens are pretty amazing creatures.

I can't seem to stop thinking about the whole circle-of-life thing. Here on my knee sits a wonderful creation, soon happy to provide me with delicious eggs for frying over easy, and for making my world famous pancakes, for Nancy's delicious pumpkin bread, and for Tim to continue making the great Severn traditional recipe of home-made sticky rolls for the holidays. Yup, eggs are a wonderful thing.

But then there are chicken sandwiches, with Hellman's mayonnaise and a pinch of salt. And, of course, there is broasted chicken, fried chicken, and the ever-popular "wings". This situation certainly gives gives one pause to think.

Yup, I love chicken!

What? Oh. Nancy just told me there's no eggs in her pumpkin bread, or the Severn sticky rolls. Oh well. But I know they are in pancakes because I make them.

I still love chickens...