Our Tiny Store

Fresh Chicken Eggs

$3.oo / dozen

Our Heritage breed Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock, and Buff Rock hens are in full production mode and happy to make "The freshest eggs you'll find!" Our eggs come in light to medium brown, size from "cute" to "OMGoodness", and some may even have two yolks at no extra charge! Our eggs are completely natural and not washed.

Email or call (920) 564-0679 for more information, or to schedule pick-ups. Find us on Google Maps.

Black New Zealand Rabbits

Awesome to love as pets or for showing, and one of the finest meat rabbits you'll find. These rabbits get our best love and care in a clean, relaxing environment. With not a care in the world, they spend the day watching the ridiculous antics of our chickens across the way. With frequent head scratches and occasional treats, life is pretty sweet at the Black River Rabbit Hutch.

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