Nancy and I started our chicken adventure in February 2017 with 28 day-old baby chicks all huddled together in a tiny shipping box. We purchased 6 Buff Rock, 6 Barred Rock, and 6 Rhode Island Red hens, one Ameraucana and 9 Rhode Island Red roosters. 

Our 80 sq ft coop has 3 southwest exposure opening/removable windows, 9 nest boxes, 8 roosting bars, a segregation area for chicks, a "jail" area for bad actors, overhead storage for seasonal supplies, and 20 amps of power in conduit for lighting, heat, and the brooder.

The 500 sq ft run has a 5' tall, 2"x 2" Red Brand fence and a really nice 36" gate I made near the coop door. Sometime soon we'll install skirt boards and buried hardware cloth will keep the bottom-dwellers out, and maybe an electric fence wire to keep the raccoons out if climbers become a problem.

While it has been fun watching all the chickens grow, the roosters became too much for the hens to handle, so various "flock reduction techniques" were implemented, some repeatable, and others definitely not. Currently, we have 3 Barred Rock, 4 Buff Rock, and 4 Rhode Island Red hens. One very handsome Rhode Island Red rooster.

Our Heritage breed chickens are awesome! They are all happy and healthy, and so far the accommodations appear to be meeting the desired outcome. Now let's see some eggs, ladies!

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