Our rabbitry began with three beautiful black New Zealand rabbits. Bucky is a studly dude who knows how to do his job. He has a great personality and loves a good face rub and back scratch. Betty, a show rabbit before retiring early to live the country life with us, is a perfectly beautiful New Zealand doe, and mother. Barbie has grown into an awesome doe and will try her paw at motherhood shortly. The rabbits love watching us work in the barn and live a very relaxed life here at the Black River Rabbit Hutch.

This is Betty relaxing in her new cage. What a gal! This is what she does after being held and pet for a few minutes.

This is Barbie, also very relaxed and happy. She is a little smaller than Betty and is super sweet and gentle. She said she is going to be the best "dam" rabbit in the barn. We'll see...

The last one is Bucky. He is always ready for some shenanigans with the does, but here, he can barely keep his eyes open. Nap time, I guess.

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