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Back in 1965 when I was three years old, I remember watching my dad in the workshop as he skillfully made beautiful pieces of furniture, built like the pieces were intended to last 200 years, and I have no doubt they will. Still today, Dad's thick, white pine colonial bench provides our home with a great place to sit down and take my boots off after a hard day's work.

One of the great things about well made furniture is that it will last more than a lifetime. As the years go by, each piece takes on it's own personal character with marks, dents, and scratches from family activities, accidents, homework, and enchiladas from the hot oven in a glass pan. And later, when the kids are gone and life starts a new season, each character mark will again take on new meaning. The marks, scratches, and dents stir memories surrounding particular times in life. I think this might be one of the ways God helps us stay close to each other and keep things in proper perspective. What a blessing!

Today, I continue in my dad's footsteps making lots of projects. Some recent projects include:

  • A desk and credenza
  • A living room end table
  • A living room entertainment cart
  • Five bedroom closet cubby units
  • A built-in bathroom cabinet
  • Two bathroom vanities
  • A dresser
  • A 20' work bench with 96 bin shelving units above, in our BRRH shop
  • A 60' work bench with 224 bin shelving units above, Harrington Beach State Park
  • A 60' work bench with 224 bin shelving units above, Kohler-Andrae State Park
Most are rough-sawn, rustic pieces consistent with our home design. On the to-do list are:
  • A kitchen table
  • A bench
  • Two more end tables
  • Three more shelf cubby units
  • A small front porch game table
  • A few other fun things
Looking for something high quality and hand made? Send me an email with your ideas and we can probably make it happen.

White pine interior logged from our property, rough-sawed by a local 102 year old circular sawmill.

Shelf units and other furniture

End tables

New chainsaw mill yields it's first stock from our home logging 2 1/2 years ago, a 3x18x110" slab

Bin unit detail at Black River Rabbit Hutch shop

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